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        Dear User:

        Dajan holding group co.,ltd use of trademark is registered with the Board through the National Industrial and Commercial Administration approved,Have been identified as china famous brand, In order to protect my company's rights are not violated, Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, For a number of lawless elements in society to use a fake dajan brand, The illicit production in various ways、Sale of counterfeit”dajan” Behavior of electrical products(Including imitation dajan brand And the use of dajan brand Exterior design of the behavior),dajan company will actively cooperate with local Trade and Industry Bureau、Consumer Association and other law enforcement agencies to crack down hard, And prosecute the parties legal responsibility.

        Dajan holding group Please new and old customers and the broad masses, If found fake dajan brand Phenomenon, Please Without delay, to the local Trade and Industry Bureau 、Consumer Association and other law enforcement agencies Report,Or through a telephone hotline to contact us,My company will be ample rewards whistle-blowers.

        Telephone hotlines: 800-8577-770 +86-577-62769998 400-185-7770 13777733303

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