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As a manufactured of High/Low-Voltage electrical factory, our products can completely satisfy customers’ standard, and Comply with the provisions of the relevant national standards. We also perform our duties and fulfill our obligations on the sold products’ using installation and their maintenance tracking service. Therefore, we will try our all-out effort to make after-sales service of technical support and quality tracing  for our customers. We will stand upon our first-class service to customers, with customers’ satisfaction as our criteria, to provide users with high-quality products, and to make the following commitments:

  • To help users make the product installation, commissioning, acceptance of work;
  • To visit users from time to time , and to get known products’ operation;
  • To support users freely to make well when used in the process of maintain, maintenance, and repair work, and make sure to handle immediately, even guarantee for replacement, if find the products couldn’t be used by the quality standard or technical standard;
  • To solve the problems within 24 hours, as we have marketing outlets and after-sales service agencies in various parts of the country , in order to make our after-sales’ working convenient and efficient;

The Aim of our after-sales service is: Satisfy our customers!

Service Hotline: +86-577-62769997 800-857-7770 400-185-7770
linkman: Mr.Huang

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